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New service defends companies from crippling DDoS attacks in real-time

Imperva has announced the availability of Imperva Cloud DDoS Protection, a simple, secure cloud-based service that safeguards businesses from debilitating and protracted Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. By subscribing to this service, organisations can protect against the downtime and brand damage, and potential lost revenue caused by DDoS attacks.


Date: 8 Sep 2011

“Hackers frequently tune DDOS attacks, and our service will help enterprises better block one of the main weapons in a hacker’s arsenal. This year we’ve seen a number of significant DDoS attacks that have caused major downtime for websites,” said Amichai Shulman, CTO of Imperva. “The Imperva Cloud DDoS service combines scalable DDoS protection that is tuned in real time by a team of DDoS experts with technology powered by Imperva’s cloud-based subsidiary Incapsula.”

“When we were under a DDoS attack, our traffic went up 100 fold. Imperva Cloud DDoS Protection stopped the attack and kept our site up and running. Imperva’s DDoS Protection service is as cost effective as it is powerful,” explained Mark Widman, Network Administrator at Keystone RV Company.

Key capabilities of Imperva Cloud DDoS Protection include:
- - Fast, comprehensive DDoS protection: The Imperva Cloud DDoS Protection service, powered by Imperva’s cloud-based subsidiary Incapsula, provides a defense against all types of DDoS threats, including network-based attacks, like SYN or UDP floods, and application attacks that attempt to overwhelm server resources. Imperva Cloud DDoS Protection scales on-demand to stop multi-gigabit denial of service attacks.
- - Centralised Attack Analysis: The Imperva Security Operations Center (SOC) granularly tunes policies using collective knowledge about DDoS threats, including new and emerging attack methods and known malicious users. When under an attack, the Imperva SOC vigilantly monitors application performance in order to keep protected websites accessible.
- - Affordable, easy-to-deploy DDoS protection: As a managed service, Imperva Cloud DDoS Protection avoids expensive hardware and overhead costs for customers who want to ensure maximum application uptime. Customers can provision the service simply by changing their website’s DNS setting.

Imperva Cloud DDoS Protection complements the capabilities of the market-leading SecureSphere Web Application Firewall. While SecureSphere stops application DDoS attacks, attacks designed to overwhelm organisations’ Internet connections are better dealt with before they reach organisations’ networks. Cloud DDoS Protection scales on-demand to protect against multi-gigabit attacks—much greater than many enterprises’ Internet connections—and to avoid costly over-provisioning of bandwidth.


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