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Marathon IT Services partners with Abiquo

Helping customers to increase performance, efficiency and scalability through immediate and cost-effective enterprise cloud management solutions.


Date: 6 Sep 2011

Marathon IT Services has announced a partnership with award winning Abiquo, the leading Enterprise Cloud Management software company. Marathon ITS is now offering Abiquo Enterprise Edition as part of its core IT infrastructure implementation. It leverages Abiquo’s class-leading features, ensuring customers are now able to manage technology agnostic computing, storage and networking, whether local or remote, through a ‘single pane of glass’; whilst also allowing user self-service access to the data centre resources as required.

With cloud computing, organisations are presented with several options for their application and IT infrastructure, including local servers, public cloud services, or private cloud services (which could be housed locally or at a service provider's location). Importantly, through the Abiquo partnership, Marathon ITS’ customers are now able to select not just one, but a blend of approaches, based on the specific needs of their organisation and applications, encompassed by an effective and agile way to manage the infrastructure as a self-service cloud.

By 2015, IDC says that 46 percent of all new IT spending in these areas will be cloud based. IDC is forecasting an annual growth rate of 27.6 percent for Cloud Computing over the next four years, four times faster than other segments of the worldwide IT market.

Enterprises and service providers alike want to benefit from the scalability, time to market, and cost benefits of cloud computing, at the same time as leveraging the investment in the infrastructure they already own. Recently, IDC respondents were asked to identify the most important criteria in moving applications to a private cloud, citing; ‘improved availability’, ‘the ability to aid disaster recovery’, ‘improved utilisation of IT resources’ and ‘improved responsiveness to workload demand’. By taking advantage of Marathon ITS’ enterprise infrastructure expertise - boosted by Abiquo’s comprehensively managed, yet intuitive, multi-tenant self-service portal - these criteria become a reality for businesses wanting a hypervisor agnostic approach to cloud computing.

Peter Speck, Marathon ITS’ sales director commented; “Partnering with Abiquo provides our customers with a dynamic level of control and visibility to their entire IT infrastructure through cloud management. Since Abiquo combines virtual resource pools of any source - such as different hypervisors or private/public networks - into tenants and provides an intuitive, secure administration interface to the tenant manager, it easily enables us to address any security, compliance, SLA or performance concerns.

“As virtualisation matures, we are seeing our customers augmenting it with cloud services, such as IaaS, allowing for a true separation of IT hardware, software, data, and IT staff, enabling a business to access additional resources, fast. The ability to provide flexible control over how and where the total environment is used, has tangential business benefits to organisations becoming more agile, cost-efficient, and ultimately more competitive over time.”

“Marathon IT Services has developed a class-leading, partnership approach for its UK customer base. As part of an IT transformation, enterprise cloud computing is being driven by the needs of end-users and mobile professionals, the Marathon ITS approach gives customers the flexibility to choose cloud resources that will work best for them,” said Wendy Perilli, Abiquo VP of global marketing. “Abiquo lets organisations easily automate many of the manual tasks that are performed by administrators today, organisations can maintain their infrastructure with existing IT staff while continuing to grow their business. Because computing activities in the cloud can be quickly scaled up and down, Marathon ITS will be able to deliver a cloud computing infrastructure that adapts more flexibly to the changing requirements of their customers.”


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