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CiRBA introduces revolutionary visualization and analytics software for controlling virtual and cloud infrastructure

Version 7.0 provides intelligent control over risks and efficiency through a single, intuitive view of all levels of server infrastructure including VMs, hosts, clusters and environments.


Date: 1 Sep 2011

CiRBA has announced CiRBA DCI – Control, Version 7.0 of its analytics software, which provides a revolutionary new way of visualising and managing environments, giving infrastructure managers unprecedented control over virtual and cloud infrastructure.

CiRBA DCI - Control’s intuitive new user interface, the CiRBA Control Console, enables infrastructure managers to determine in a single glance which resources are appropriately placed, configured and provisioned and which are at risk at the VM, host, cluster and environment level. Through the new Action System, CiRBA also automates the execution of recommended actions required to address identified risks and inefficiencies, with integrations to third-party management systems such as VMware vCenter and VMware vCloud Director. Together, CiRBA’s new Control Console and Action System greatly simplify and streamline infrastructure management processes by quickly communicating status and detailing precise actions required to optimise IT infrastructure and mitigate risk in accordance with an organisation’s operational policies.

“Most large enterprises are struggling to understand what is going on in their virtual and cloud infrastructure, let alone proactively manage and control it,” said Andrew Hillier, CiRBA CTO and co-founder. “No other solution in the market enables infrastructure managers to instantly understand the status of IT infrastructure and how to better place and allocate resources across an environment. Infrastructure managers can now know exactly what needs to be done to mitigate risk, improve efficiency and meet policy requirements – whether that is rebalancing workloads, changing allocations, adding or removing capacity, or booking resources for new workloads coming on board.”

CiRBA DCI – Control’s new interactive Control Console is based on the organisation’s Efficiency & Risk Spectrum, which segregates resources in an environment according to three provisioning statuses that include: Too Little Infrastructure, Just Right and Too Much Infrastructure. This enables users to quickly assess where risks exist (under-provisioned resources) and which resources have excess capacity that may be reclaimed (over-provisioned resources). Infrastructure managers and capacity managers can leverage CiRBA’s new time-based views to see the current state, as well as historical and predictive views to understand an environment’s status and requirements over time. The software also enables organisations to create a Booking for new workloads and hosts coming online or systems leaving the environment so that a comprehensive, forward-looking view and understanding is provided. In addition, the Spectrum and actions are based on an organisation’s business and operational policies so that requirements for SLAs, regulations, DR, HA, and others are reflected, measured and complied with.

The new Action System provides actionable daily and forward-looking recommendations to address risks and inefficiencies, and identify planned changes by listing any Bookings. These tasks -- such as right-sizing VMs, rebalancing workloads to reduce risk, placing booked workloads that are coming online, adding capacity and sun setting workloads -- can be automatically pushed to third-party systems such as VMware vCenter and VMware vCloud Director through packaged integrations provided by CiRBA with Version 7.0. CiRBA’s new API enables organisations to streamline business processes and automate the execution of CiRBA analysis results by building integrations to additional applications such as help desks, and provisioning and orchestration tools.

“Automation is critical to streamlining the management of virtual and cloud infrastructure,” said Hillier. “Organisations hesitate to automate certain functions because of potential risks and lack of trust in the actions to be taken. CiRBA’s analytics are recognised as the best in the industry and are trusted by market leading SI’s and technology partners including BT, Cisco, IBM and Intel. CiRBA’s answers incorporate an organisation’s unique policies, historical and predicted utilisation and expected changes in the environment to ensure placement and allocation recommendations will always comply with SLAs, operational, and business requirements.”


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Tags: Applications, The Cloud, Virtualization

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