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Savvis brings ‘unprecedented’ mission-critical application support to Cloud

Savvis has announced its new Premier service profile for the Savvis Symphony Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC)enterprise-class cloud solution. Unveiled at VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas, Symphony VPDC Premier offers a complete, worry-free service level for mission-critical, cloud-based enterprise applications.


Date: 1 Sep 2011

Symphony VPDC Premier combines the high degree of resource commitment and priority, security, redundancy, support and performance needed for large-scale, essential enterprise applications. As a top-tier alternative, the service profile complements Symphony VPDC’s existing Essential and Balanced profiles, giving users multiple tiers of service to match application need to service levels and cost.

“We continue to enhance our cloud services to further enable innovation for our enterprise clients, proving that mission critical clouds are possible,” said Bryan Doerr, chief technology officer at Savvis. “Savvis Symphony delivers tight alignment between IT investment and business return, allowing our clients to seamlessly scale to production and refocus resources toward growing their business instead of staffing IT operations.”

Like Symphony VPDC’s other service profiles, Premier allows users to optimize their virtual data center infrastructure in many dimensions, including compute services, bandwidth, storage and security. Premier, however, takes reliability to a new level. The tier of service includes the most favorable resource attributes in network, memory, CPU and storage, including packet priority, CPU and memory reservation, disk access performances and provisioning ratios. Ultimately, this provides users with assurance that their applications will perform as expected, on a continuous basis, in the cloud.

Specifics attributes include:
· Allocation, Provisioning Ratios and Prioritization: With the highest allocation levels, provisioning ratios and prioritization among the Savvis cloud offerings, Premier ensures mission critical application performance.
· Highest SLA: Users are not subject to CPU oversubscription scenarios. The profile’s one-to-one service obligation results in 100 percent infrastructure and 99.99 percent end-to-end availability.
· Unmatched Cloud Support: Proactive, mission-critical support provided to Premier clients is equivalent to the highest support standards in managed services, thereby ensuring enterprises of consistent, full-lifecycle care of their cloud and hybrid cloud applications.
· Three-Tier ILM: The three-tier information lifecycle management (ILM) model automatically matches performance with expense for maximum efficiency,reserving the highest access speed drives for the Premier service profile. The ILM ranges from ultra-high performance fiber channel drives to cost-effective Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA).
· Fully Managed Virtual Servers: Every machine is proactively monitored 24/7 by trained professionals. On-duty personnel also are available toll-free at all times to address questions and provide repair/install/upgrade status.
· Three-Tier Private VLANs: Exclusive to the Premier Service Profile are separate private virtual local area networks (VLANs) and stateful firewall separation to enable enterprises to build true three-tier application architectures, thereby allowing designers to follow proven industry practices in the design of their applications in the cloud.
· Pooled, Fixed Server Load Balancers: Unlike configuration models from other companies that charge separately for each load balancer, the Premier service profile includes six different pools to ensure the reliability of mission-critical functions.

“From our survey of the cloud market, we don’t believe there is another provider that can offer the kind of robustness, dependability, efficiency and peace-of-mind represented in our Premier offering,” Doerr said. “The Premier option broadens the range of Symphony VPDC service profiles to meet evolving market demands and makes our public cloud applicable to service needs ranging from test/dev to turnkey virtual data centers.”

Introduced in 2010, Savvis Symphony VPDC delivers a powerful capability for defining, configuring and deploying a full virtual data center without having to procure, install, configure or manage hardware. Users can specify the Symphony VPDC service level that is optimized to their use case, knowing that they can promote applications to higher service levels at any time to address changing production requirements.


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