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21 Apr 2014 | Other

14 Apr 2014 | Other

14 Apr 2014 | Applications

7 Apr 2014 | Power & Cooling

24 Mar 2014 | Hosting & Colocation

17 Mar 2014 | Other

3 Mar 2014 | Design & Facilities Management

  • Safety, security and energy-efficiency in Zurich data centre

    In the fall of 2012, the City of Zurich's Center of Competence (CoC) for IT moved into its new main location in Zurich Albisrieden. The centerpiece of the new facility is Europe's most advanced, safe, secure and energy-efficient data center. A complete single-source solution from Siemens provides security for people and assets through fully integrated, easy-to-operate fire safety, security and building automation systems. Read more

24 Feb 2014 | Applications

  • Releasing your inner innovator

    The role of the IT Director is changing. Having fought for years to gain a seat on the board, with mixed success, the inevitable shift of IT infrastructure to the cloud finally presents the IT Director with a chance to fundamentally change the role and deliver true strategic innovation. Removing the routine tasks of day to day infrastructure administration and planning for server/networking refresh releases the IT Director to focus on the real areas of technology innovation that can support business growth. But as Mitesh Patel, Managing Director, Fifosys explains, while technology is making the IT Director role passé; the onus is on organisations to exploit the shift to the cloud to create a Chief Innovation Officer who can truly combine the tight business and IT strategic focus that can transform corporate performance. Read more

24 Feb 2014 | Other

  • UC: how changing the engagement game brings competitive advantage

    The true competitive advantage of UC lies in a holistic approach across the enterprise which encompasses employees, customers and 'back-office' processes. In the third and final* of his series of articles establishing the real business impact and ROI of UC, Manish Sablok, Head of Marketing for CNE Europe at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, looks at how UC provides competitive advantage with a seamless line of communication between front and 'back-office', partners and customers - increasing employee productivity and engaging customers. Read more

17 Feb 2014 | Other

17 Feb 2014 | Other

10 Feb 2014 | Hosting & Colocation

  • Going neutral

    Kevin Dean, CMO at Interxion defines data centre neutrality and explores how it could transform operations in the future for businesses who want to remain competitive in the digital economy. Read more

3 Feb 2014 | Other

31 Jan 2014 | Hosting & Colocation

  • Cloud is a key component to driving a mobile workforce

    Cloud opens up opportunities for mobile working as its significance in today's business environment increases, according to Outsourcery. Recent research from the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) has revealed that 80 per cent of businesses implementing video conferencing did so as part of a cloud service implementation. With an influx of applications and services in the market designed to enable mobile working, many organisations are beginning to see the benefits of these, in turn using them to better their day-to-day business processes. Outsourcery believes that cloud computing is playing a key part in enabling this market shift. Read more

27 Jan 2014 | Other

  • Accelerator cards - a cost-effective solution to increase data centre performance

    Data centres are currently dealing with unprecedented demands for high performance, security and efficient energy usage. These demands are the result of several factors which include the need to comply with the SP800-57 guidelines from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which require the doubling of key size from 1024 bit to 2048 bit for Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. Internet search companies are also adding SSL security to both their search infrastructure and their mail systems, whilst the growth of cloud-based storage means that more users are looking for secure access to their online data. Read more

20 Jan 2014 | Other

23 Dec 2013 | Hosting & Colocation

16 Dec 2013 | Hosting & Colocation

9 Dec 2013 | Applications

27 Nov 2013 | Other

25 Nov 2013 | Security

25 Nov 2013 | Other

18 Nov 2013 | Hosting & Colocation

  • Notorious nine threats to Cloud Computing

    Cloud computing has revolutionised the way many businesses manage their day to day IT activities, from reducing the management of server infrastructure, allowing for more flexible access to company data and in some cases lowering IT expense. However, a recent report from the Cloud Security Alliance is questioning whether Cloud is all it lives up to be. The Notorious Nine: Cloud Computing Threats of 2013 explains the top security risks Cloud is facing and aims to make sure companies have the latest information about the technology. CEO of IFB (Internet For Business), Graeme Gordon, discusses how businesses can ensure their Cloud service is not falling victim to the threats. Read more

4 Nov 2013 | Other

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